Defining Lifelong


What is a Lifelong Community?

The Lifelong Indiana Coalition supports principles and best practices in building Lifelong Communities throughout Indiana.

Lifelong Communities are places where people of all ages and abilities can live well and be connected throughout their lifetime.

Lifelong Communities enable residents to live in an array of safe housing options that appeal to both young and old; be well in communities that encourage health lifestyles; and connect with others through convenient access to social and economic opportunities, information, and basic services.

As the state’s and our local community populations continue to diversify and age, Indiana has an opportunity to retrofit existing and build new communities that ensure all individuals are able to join and remain in the places they love.

Lifelong Community Principles and Pillars

The foundation for creating a Lifelong Community is consideration of all residents.

All residents should have the option to join or remain in the community as long as they would like, and should be invited to provide input into community strategies and plans.

Designing and supporting a Lifelong Community requires that residents, planners, and elected officials along with other private and philanthropic leaders collectively make decisions for the current population as well as the residents who will live in the community well into the future.

Design and land use issues must be addressed to adequately support the programs, policies and infrastructure of a Lifelong Community.

See what it means to be a Lifelong Community where residents Live Well Connected.

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